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Friday, 22 July 2011
Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted

I am reminded of the importance of standing up for your beliefs and the importance of not allowing anger and rage be the only voices in the world when I hear an older gentleman rage on about 'CNN'. He objected to the fact that it was on a TV in the world. He raged that it was the "Communist News Network" and it didn't deserve to be on the air where people could see it. Another time the news was flashing and I believe President Obama was answering 'tweets' on Twitter from the public that day. Another man watching the same screen (I think this TV was on FOX this time) called the President a 'F**king Idiot'.  This annoyed me so I turned to this fellow and thanked him. I said he reminded me that I needed to wear my Obama shirts more often. And he had reminded me of the need to stand up. These kind of people, these public rage pronouncers believe that everyone believes in what they believe in and that their rage has the majority voice out there. A curious thought since President Obama, as alluded to by the honorific - was actually elected President by the majority of the people who voted in last election.

The funny thing there is that all of the Obama haters somehow think that Obama voters (me for one) will be silent in the face of their supposed righteous rage. The other funny thing is that these same folks believe that there is one election that counts above all - the election which brought a majority of Republicans to the House of Representatives. That Election apparently was a holy election and the goals of that Majority in one house of Congress must be obeyed. Humm. Still a Majority of Democrats in the Senate and still a Democrat as President but the immovable object in Politics these days is the Tea Party supported Republican members of the House of Representatives.

Still, these folks think that since the Bush Recession continues it now belongs to Obama, that their view is the only view worth listening to and that their obsessive, hate filled rage at President Obama is widespread enough that they can rage in public, rage like pscycopaths, rage and you and I won't stand up. Well, you know, I ordered my Obama 2012 tee shirts and car magnets - car magnets since these are the kind of people who will vandalize your car for not having the same hate filled rage they believe in.  The magnets go on the car when I alone am in the car and come off when my car is alone. My Obama shirts stay on me, I can stand the dirty looks and can protect myself against the cowardly ragers. And most importantly, I can show that others will stand up and show a different opinion. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 9:51 PM EDT
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