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Monday, 22 May 2006
Pen Turning fun
Topic: Physical Well Being
There's something comforting and mystical about working with wood. You have something that was once alive in your hands. You can shape it and create things with it and you leave part of yourself with the wood. I look with admiration at the work other people do either making furniture or carving or inlaying or otherwise shaping wood into something new but familiar. It's all good and I'm beginning to step into that sort of activity myself. Nothing major yet. I haven't carved the Piata yet but I have made some wood pens.

Very nice stuff and very interesting to work with. The spinning lathe and the act of shaping the wood is both intimidating and fascinating. Learning how to operate the machines used, the lathe, the drill press, the band saw and other tools is also a bit new to me. But I pick things up quickly and I do have a healthy respect for power tools so I should be alright with it all. No fingers lost as of yet. :-) Anyways, these are the two pens I've made.

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:28 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 9 August 2005
20 miles and Reeds Ginger Brew
Now Playing: Mediaeval Baebes - Mirabilis
Topic: Physical Well Being
Been hitting the bike trails for twenty miles every other day and today was no except to that. Had a deer cross my path the other day which was an unexpected pleasure. My new fixation (my old fixation being lime flavored tic-tacs) is Reeds Ginger Brew. A premium soda made in California and it comes in a version with 17 grams of ginger per bottle or 28 grams for the extra strong version. A strong tangy taste that bites back. I can't get enough of them and of course I have the devils own time trying to find and keep them. I've also continued the ginger flavor parade by finding Ginger flavored Altoids. Great stuff.

Posted by gilbert davis at 12:46 AM EDT
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Monday, 25 July 2005
30 Miles in the heat
Topic: Physical Well Being
Burnt to a crisp and stretched out today for some thirty miles. Don't mind that part but you know, I might as well had put a teabag in my water bottle since the water was as hot as a cup of tea without the flavor. I don't drink hot tea so there's nothing for it. It's hot water on those hot hot days on those days far from other water supplies. It's still great, the cardinals, bluebirds, jays, yellow finches, bunny rabbits, groundhogs, deer, racoons, and everything else that passes along the road to populate the trip. A bit too much sun which I'm paying for now but what the heck. It's all good.

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:12 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 19 July 2005
Tour de France and general cycling
Now Playing: Dawn and Drew Show
Topic: Physical Well Being

A rest day on the Tour de France after the Hincapie win. Excellent day of racing and it was heartwarming to see the loyal Hincapie win his first stage after six plus years of working for Lance. Those two had been friends since they were 14 and 16 years old and you know it's just nice to see. The Austrian who won the day before hadn't won before either and he cried at the end of the race. He had gone wire to wire in the lead and when the race was over he could not even stand up. Every ounce of the energy he had went into that race and at the end he was completely spent. Amazing effort for him. Amazing effort for Hincapie the next day as well. Hincapie was part of a 14 man break that was about 20 minutes ahead and riders kept falling off the end but not Hincapie. He was at the front initially to be there to help Lance if and when he came to the front. Lance and his main rivals didn't get that far so Hincapie was allowed to work for himself and won in a sprint at the end. Did I mention monster mountains? Just amazing. Joyous.

Went out and biked today, 20 miles worth. Very relaxing and an opportunity for bike zen for the first half. After that I looked up and saw a big old thunderhead sneaking up. Yikes. I turned myself around and just pounded 4 miles on a high gear. And you know, that cold rush of air came over. The leading edge of a storm is a windy, cold thing. It was awesome, the trees bent over and then they were crushed again by the next wave of cold air. I was doomed. Darkness was suddenly there and so was the rain. Lord it came down. I tried to hide under some trees for a while and felt completely cut off from the world. Annoyed and getting wetter by the minute I figured it wasn't going to stop any time soon. I started hearing limbs of trees snapping off and flying through the air. Wow, a mini tornado or wind shear. Waited a minute for that big wind to die down a bit then said to heck with it and started back down the path. I heard a sound like someone ripping dry papers over some loud speakers. Figured that was a power line coming down and it was just sizzling. Yikes again. Dodging felled tree branches, big ones, and being pelted by rain I eventually quit feeling sorry for myself and just pedaled away. When I got right in my head over it I wasn't cold and miserable any longer and was just pedaling. It was great. Saw bikers hiding under trees and being miserable and I just smiled and waved as I went by. Reminded me of another time when I remember running in the pouring rain and I realize I've only ever had great moments out in the rain. All good.

The last thing of course, I'm listening to the Dawn and Drew Show, a podcast. It's grown on me and it's fun to listen to. That and TWIT, diggcast and Chris Pirillo are the ones I listen to. It's always fun to listen to others and to look for interesting and fun efforts.

Posted by gilbert davis at 12:15 AM EDT
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Monday, 11 July 2005
Mother Nature is actually a Beaver - Really
Now Playing: NIN - With Teeth
Topic: Physical Well Being
Personally I always pictured Mother Nature as a woman with long flowing hair. Flowers in said hair and just generally a lot of flowing stuff all around. Well, here it seems Mother Nature is Beaver of undetermined gender with some suet in one hand, birds and small fluffy animals on his/her shoulders and at his/her feet. Who knew. Saw this vision while on my 40 mile bike ride today. A very long ride on a very sore behind. The thighs were fine but you know, I think I will replace the seat with a softer, more friendly seat. Only two guys passed me by and they had some professional looking bike race jerseys on. I'm sure they bought them at the bike store but it worked for them today. Didn't see them again so they were obviously the quick and done kind of guys. I have a philosophical problem with being a quick and done kind of guy so I always try to do the distances. Keeps me from having to go so quickly. :-)

Posted by gilbert davis at 12:12 AM EDT
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Monday, 9 May 2005
On the Run
Now Playing: TaTu - Russian Music Videos
Topic: Physical Well Being
Ah indeed. Thank you Naproxen. Naproxen and Nutrigrain bars to get me through the day. Said to hell with it and ran a mile then thirty minutes cardio on a bike. The kind of bike with the sensors in the handles so I could keep my heart rate way up there. After the run Blood Pressure as 129/84 with a 106 Pulse. After the thirty plus minutes pounding hard on the bike (over 160 heart rate the whole time and mostly about 170- I really was pounding it hard) it was 122/79 with a 123 Pulse. It was nice, I walked into the gym and a woman smiled and said "There you are, we were just talking about you and how we hadn't seen you in a while." Well goodness, didn't know I was missed and I told her I appreciated her worrying about me. Very nice indeed.

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:54 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 4 May 2005
California Pizza Kitchen -Comes Through
Now Playing: Pink Floyd - Best Of
Topic: Physical Well Being

Sitting on the beach, a sunny and happy day and my cell rings once again. It's the regional manager for California Pizza Kitchen with a few kind words for me. Being a busy guy I didn't quite hook up with him for a few days. An apology for the bit of bother I had from the previously mentioned tasty pizza. I maybe eat a third of one of these good servings and take the rest home for the next day so I had the bag and the pizza for the picture. And thanks to the kind fellow I don't have to file a complaint with the health people. Food occasionally might go bad a bit, which is understandable but being treated badly by a manager is never acceptable. So I did get an apology and so less bother for me. You know, it's all about refrigerating the mayo I think.

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:03 AM EDT
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Saturday, 23 April 2005
California Pizza Kitchen
Topic: Physical Well Being
Had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen here the other day. My favorite pizza there is the one with the Caesar salad and avocado on top of it. California Club I think they call it. Well, an hour after eating that it was heavy painful cramps followed by a painful drive to a bathroom. The joys of food poisoning. I still don't feel great but I thought it would be a good idea to let the restaurant know so they could take that Caesar out of stock. Ah, the joy of trying to be a good citizen. The manager on the phone got defensive and pretty much treated me like a criminal over it. You know, you really don't get sick after an hour. Humm. That would be wrong. MedlinePlus here says "The symptoms from the most common types of food poisoning generally start within 2 to 6 hours of eating the food responsible. That time may be longer (even a number of days) or shorter, depending on the toxin or organism responsible for the food poisoning." Well, after being treated like I was trying to pull a scam on them I said you know, it doesn't pay to be a good guy. So to the Corporate site I go to give them the clue in about the bad salad and to tell them about their manager and his people skills. Unless those are the people skills they've taught their managers - you know, the customer is to be disbelieved and treated like a potential criminal. I'll give the Corporate a short while then it's off to the health department.

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:21 AM EDT
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Monday, 18 April 2005
Pepper and Salt Grinders
Now Playing: NIN - With Teeth
Topic: Physical Well Being
For many a year I would go past the large box store
called 'Bed,Bath and Beyond'and never go in it. Their website Out
of respect for the feelings of a friend who once had
a bad experience with that store I stayed away from
it. I know I'd see it at least once a week, it's
always near the Barnes and Noble or some other store
I would go into. I'd see that large sign on the
front and think about the person who told me the
story which I have completely forgotten except for
the part that Bed, Bath and Beyond was not good and
friendly to her. Going into the store was no big
loss of course, who needs to see a store full of
bedsheets and towels. That sounds slightly less
exciting than a ladies shoe store.

A salt grinder, a pepper grinder. My kingdom for a
salt grinder. You know how you decide you need
something, something to make your life a tiny bit
better. It started in this case with those little
McCormick Salt and Pepper grinders. Clever little
things, inexpensive and useful as can be. You take
the perfect pasta dinner and take a bite. Ah let's
see, like last night's dinner. A mini penne, done al
dente with just a bit of butter and chopped fresh
parsley. A bit of grated Mozzarella cheese. Some lime
and cracked pepper grilled chicken breast, sliced
and put atop the pasta. Into the oven at 350 until
the cheese melts. Garnish with sliced Roma tomatoes,
sliced hard boiled egg and lettuce. Ummm. You take a
bite and of course it needs just a bit more pepper
and salt. But for it be really exceptional you need
to have the fresh ground pepper and a good sea salt.
This would be where those McCormick grinders come
in. Those little guys are great but you know, I
always worry about what happens if I look for
something and it's not there any longer. They are so
small and easily lost. Hence my search for the
bigger and better grinders. Well you know it's not
as easy as it seems. Something like a pepper grinder
is not an item you generally would think of often.
At least I never thought of it much. Finding one
became a chore. And when I would find one there
wouldn't be a salt grinder to go with it.

It started as a low level search that got more
intense as I didn't find what I was looking for.
Don't know exactly what it was, a walk in front of
the store while thinking of the problem of finding
or not finding the salt grinder but eventually I did
find myself walking into the dread store. You could
see kitchen stuff there through the window and it's
a awfully big store so I thought perhaps they might
actually have some grinders. Walked in and wow. As
far as I could see there before me was an array of
kitchen items. Well now, I can take or leave the bed
stuff, don't much care for the bath stuff but I'm
all over the kitchen stuff. And this place has some
kitchen stuff. That Swedish style kitchen stuff,
high end pans, baking things, utensils, just
everything you never knew you needed. And to make it
even better they had a genuine selection of grinders
which even included salt grinders. Aha, at last.

As is my wyrding way I vented my spleen at the
manager who checked me out. Excuse me sir, but you
know, the name of your store 'Bed,Bath and Beyond'
has kept me from even coming in. Who the hell wants
to come into a store to just look at towels and
bedsheets? My god man, you've got stainless steel
kitchen utensils! You've got Salt and Pepper
grinders in many sizes and styles! I ranted in my
good natured way and the fellow was very kind,
explaining how they've expanded the inventory and
the types of things they carry. I said thank
goodness as I clutched the three pack of ice cube
trays- the ones I'd never seen before that had big
long thin ice 'cubes' for plunking in your workout
water bottle. And I might add they keep the iced
tea very very cold and have become my preferred
handmade ice cubes. New Salt Grinder and thin long
ice cubes. A very good haul indeed. I still felt
guilty being in the store but I did get some things
I absolutely needed.

Posted by gilbert davis at 9:47 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 18 April 2005 4:15 PM EDT
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Thursday, 3 February 2005
Joys of Stomach Flu -
Topic: Physical Well Being
The only good thing I can say about getting sick is that it makes you appreciate not being sick. The sort of stomach flu thingee I have is something that is putting other folks in hospitals with IV's in their arms and such. Not me. Just a never ending quesy feeling. My previous foul moods can be attributed to that horrible nauseated feeling you get from those various nasty things of life. Bluuuuggghh.

Posted by gilbert davis at 2:50 PM EST
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Thursday, 13 January 2005
Mike Mancini
Topic: Physical Well Being

Nothing very interesting here to report. The phone is working again and so the prospect of being stuck on the side of the road in a blizzard or swept away in a flood is a bit less likely. Not that it's ever been likely since I tend to stay away from situations where wrath of god stuff can occur. Been finally making it regularly to work out. I've got the pain and stiffness to show for it. Happily those heart rate monitors show that mine is doing just fine and I've worked it hard. Technology is nice. The picture is of Mike Mancini, a fine musician and a fine fellow.

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:49 PM EST
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Sunday, 25 July 2004
Another Sunday-no tuna
Now Playing: Lunasa- Redwood (Celtic)
Topic: Physical Well Being
Lunch and dinner, a green salad with two hard boiled eggs on it but no tuna. Tasty. Did 27 miles today, a bit of in the rain this evening but what's a touch of rain when you can watch the lightning show. My feeling about the weather is the same as I had the time I was driving through Kansas (flatter than a pancake) and down the only road I could travel across, there sat the largest blackest cloud bank I had ever seen in my life. Middle of the day and in front of me lay a seething mass of black evilness you could not imagine from any picture or video, you had to be there. Well, I believe I sneered at the cloud and put my foot on the gas pedal. Bring it on was my thought and boy was that a rough ride. Passing into the cloud bank was like a switch had been thrown and it became night. I had to fight the car as it seemed to spontaniously move from lane to lane. Cars were flying off the road. Very intense. Well, the rain and lightning this evening was not quite that spectacular but nonetheless it was nice and colorful. The ride was quiet, nobody at all along the route. Just me and the wind and the rain. Peaceful.

Saw many of my friends at the usual Sunday brunch and it was nice to visit as it always is. Friends telling me they see me racing myself intensely and speedily. I tell them it's good tension relief. Sometimes I don't see them on the road or coming out of the building as I've got my blinders on. I apologize and tell them I'd happily wave or stop if I knew they were calling out to me. As it is, when Cake starts on the mp3 player with "The Distance" I become demonically possessed. Gotta push faster and faster until my legs feel like they are going to burst. -Just in time for Johnny Cash to come on with his version of NIN's Hurt- since I'm hurting then it makes me still go fast. Well, you see how it goes. Songs as motivation and as training partners.

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:18 PM EDT
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Friday, 23 July 2004
Riding like a dog-
Now Playing: Tour de France
Topic: Physical Well Being
A good day, not so hot. Nine miles biked in the morning followed by lots of yard work in the sun, followed by having lunch with my friends, a visit to the bird shop to visit other friends and then 15 miles on the bike in the evening. So 24 miles in today. Again, I've popped up to a higher gear so I've got more muscle to pedal harder, I have my mp3 player jamming a large selection of music that gets me motivated and allows me to pedal like a maniac and I take my aggressions out on the road. Good therapy- must go faster. If I didn't have the painful heel spur thing I'd be up at 5 in the AM running in circles for 90 minutes a day but you do what you can do. I can't wait for the surgery for the foot, nothing as wonderful as the pain from a surgery to remind what pain and suffering is all about.

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:12 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 20 July 2004
Where did that week go?
Now Playing: Tour de France
Topic: Physical Well Being
Only 12 miles biked yesterday. New contacts picked up yesterday. OH so exciting. I can see all the way around again. Noticed a glitch in the matrix here, that this blog was set a week behind itself. Me not paying attention to the date made it possible.

Posted by gilbert davis at 12:35 PM EDT
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Saturday, 17 July 2004
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Al Jarreau-My Foolish Heart- new 2004
Topic: Physical Well Being
Hey Princess K

Fifteen miles today. Not that great but all at once in the evening. Rained in the morning and threatened the evening but what's a bit of rain. Spent the day at the Bird Shop visiting with my friends there. A couple of big guys-macaws got to go home in the last few days and I watched a couple go home today. Got some of Chapels Saturday chili which was good as always. Like a family there. Of course the bowl of chili was more than I needed to eat for the day but sometimes you just gotta eat a friend's chili. :-)

Edited Out-Persona Non Gratis--

Posted by gilbert davis at 10:53 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 22 July 2004 7:40 PM EDT
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