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Name:  Gilbert Davis

Location:  Erewhon
Birthday:  31 December, 2001
Bio:  I've lived all over the world from Germany to Japan. All over the United States from Maine to Hawaii and everywhere in between. I attended the University of California at Davis and graduated from the University of Maryland with a Magna Cum Laude Bachlor's of Science in Political Science and History. Got a JD from the University of Dayton School of Law. At UD I was a Class President, Dean of Delta Theta Phi, President of the Hispanic Law Student Association, an Editor of the student newspaper, "The Equitable Relief," Law School Representative to the University Safety Committee, Ambassador for the school, SBA board member etc etc..
Interests:  I have interest in many things. From photography to art. Both of which I do myself. I love the wonder of peeking into a bird nest or watching dolphins swimming in the ocean. Computers, music (from any country and most types), books, philosophy, buddhism, Denver Bronco football, movies ..... I have an interest in justice and the lack of it for many people. My death penalty pages are there for just that reason and I am happy to say they are found and used by students from high school and college. In the end, enjoy your Karma, after all you have earned it.
Blog Created:  Thursday, 12 June 2003
Last Updated:  Tuesday, 20 November 2012 - 3:10 PM EST
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