New Federal Tax Procedure Outline (2002) 945kb PDF Format

New International Tax Outline (2002) 1.12mb PDF Format

UC DAVIS Christian Legal Society has an
excellent site up with First Year Law and Second Year Class outlines to include International Law, Remedies, Conflict of Laws, Land Use, Security Regulations,etc. Wow, get them here. Thanks Scott.







Brian's Law     A dedicated man who has kept his outlines online even after he graduated. Altruism isn't dead I'm happy to say. He has the usual first year outlines for you-plus of note: Oral Advocacy, Restitution, Business Associations, Negotiations and Criminal Adjudication .Documents are self extracting exe zipfiles in WordPerfect format. If you have any trouble with them email me and I'll send you copies of any of the outlines.

Britta's Law School Outlines A nice new collection of outlines here by Ms. Britta from Baylor Law School. Trusts and Estates, Patent Law, statutory canons of construction being the more unusual ones. From 1999 and 2000 school years. Documents in Word 2000, a bit tricky to download.

Constitutional Law Outlines  From Law School Org. Take you right to the Constitution and other Con Law materials.

Chris Derry Outlines  Temple Law, Pennsylvania. Outlines in zip files. In Word Perfect 5.1 Outlines from 1995-97. First year course outlines and bankruptcy, Tax, Corps,  Computer Law, Copyright and Trademark, Corp Tax, Crim Pro, Employment Law, Estate and Gift Tax, Evidence, Fed Cts and Jurisdition, First Amendment, International Income Taxation, and Secured Transactions

Christian Legal Society -UC Davis. A very good brand new site for 2002. With all the first year class outlines you would want. Also, a good number of upper class law outlines to include Remedies, Conflict of Laws, Land Use, Security Regulations I and II, International Law, Water Law, Wills and Trusts, Professional Responsibilty. To include resume help, writing help and just anything you could need. If you are new to the web don't be alarmed at the Jesus is Lord java thing that follows your cursor. :-)

Cyber Law Attorney Outlines   Only a few outlines and not updated since May.

Damien's Law School Outlines.  .University of Texas School of Law, Austin. Microsoft Word Format. Zip files. Outlines from 1996-99. Professor of course given. First Year and Upper level courses. Outlines are  linked here: Civil Pro, Con Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, Torts, Federal Income Tax (1997), Professional Responsibility, Wills and Estates, European Community Law, Partnership Tax, Federal Courts, Evidence, Antitrust, Corporations, ConLawII, Secured Credit, Bankruptcy,Advanced Crim Defense, Securities Regs, Corp Finance, International Business Transactions Damien asks only that if you use any to please email him to say hi (and thanking him would be a good thing) his email  is

Dave's Law School Outlines.  A new site with a few first year outlines on it, Contracts, Criminal, Con Law and Civil Procedure. He says he 'might have put some obvious errors in them or not'  a funny fellow.

Emanuel's Law Outlines -Not a student site of course but they will give you sample chapters of their commercially available outlines. Overnight delivery for the desperate -This is one of the new ones I've seen. If you are an attorney they will build you a site and they have links to other outline sites and related legal links including links to outlines.

Florida Coastal School of Law   -Corporations, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Civil Procedure, Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property Law, International Law. A variety of outlines and exam notes brought to you by the Florida Coastal School of Law's SBA. Includes a primer on how to brief a case for you as well.

The Georgetown University Law Center Student Bar Association    This is a new site with a few outlines up at present. I was contacted by the SBA representative and reviewed the site and I must say that it shows a good deal of promise. If you were thinking about going to Law School and had read through the school generated information but would like to really have an idea of what goes on I recommend you check this site out. It's a combination of a school newspaper, outline site and a social gathering place for the students.

Haeji Hong's Outlines  University of California, Davis. First Year course outlines (Civil Pro, Con Law, Criminal Law, Property, Torts)  by Professor and year as well as by text book. Gives the year of the course as well. (from 1995) A well ordered site.Second and Third Year course outlines (Antitrust Law,  Business Assn., Con Law II, Crim Procedures, Intellectual Property, Professional Responsibility, Evidence, Employment Discrimination, Health Law, Comparative Law, Fed Tax, Wills and Trusts, Complex Litigation) Her homepage is here. And lastly, she has written a paper on privacy which you will find here. A very nice person. Her email is Haeji Hong .

Hispanic Law Student Outlines Oklahoma City School of Law. A search engine for the outlines they have.

Jason Haven's Outline Page   From University of Tennessee. Bankruptcy, Corps, Tax and Professional Responsibility. In Word format.

King Hall Outlines by Keith Wagner  From the University of Davis School of Law in California. Keith is a second year and so you'll find many first year course outlines at his site. Contracts, Property, Torts, Crim Law, Con Law and I particularly like the way he has his Civil Procedure outlines set up. CivPro-Jurisdiction, Pleadings, Parties, Discovery and Motions (way cool). Also of note, Public Lands, Land Use, Environmental Law, Civil Rights, Federal Jurisdiction, and Evidence. All his outlines are in Microsoft Word 2X format.

Lectric Law Library Learn how to do research with this great site, Citations, Shepardizing. Outlines in Zip format from 1st Amendment, Admin Law, Complex Lit, Agency, Business Orgs, Civil Pro, Commercial paper, Contracts, Con Law, Domestic Relations, Employment Law, Remedies, Future Interests, PR, Russian Law, Property. Law Dictionary Link as well.

Law School Study Machine This site has the first year courses and Moot Court as well as legal writing to offer

Legal.Com  This is the outline and helpful information page of a commercial site. They have a outline search engine, a list of 18 items which include some outlines, a sample brief and a sample complaint. The outlines and other items are from 1996 to 1998. You can purchase commercial outlines from your computer through them.

Louis D. Brandeis School of Law SBA. Nice large site by the SBA. Outlines are zipped in WordPerfect 5.3 to 6.1. Authors of outlines are attributed. Outlines: Admin Law, Income Tax, Civil ProI, Conflict of Laws, Con Law I, Con Law II, Contracts I, Contracts II, Corporation  Tax, Corps, Criminal Law, Crim. Pro II, Estates, Domestic Relations, Environmental Law, Estates and Gift Tax, Evidence, Native American Law, Negotiable Instruments, Professional Responsibility, Property I, Property II, Secured Transactions, Torts I, Torts II.  Louis Brandeis Student Bar Association Page SBA Home Page at Louis D. Brandeis School of Law.

Outlines Not sure whose this is since it's not well constructed yet. The basic outlines to be had here The date is 1996.

Outlines Not sure if this one is coming or going but it's there and by the time you look at it there might be something there. Again, I don't know the author.

(Unofficial) Loyola Law School Site  Here is another site with absolutely nothing on it but some ads so far. But they probably have just started it since I have never seen it before. Stay tuned and we'll see what shows up here.

Queen's LSS Outlines Site This is a very nice, professionally done student site with tons of outlines and the prospect of more coming. It might not be of a great deal of help for American Law students since it's a law outline site done by Canadian law students. Other than that, it's wonderful and your first stop if you are a Canadian law student.

Melissa J. Hancock Outlines    University of Pitt School of Law. Downloadable in Word 6.1 Zip Format. First Year courses. Civil Pro I and II, Crim Law, Contracts I and II, Property, Crim Pro, Torts I and II. Professor specific.

Michael Fogo-Scehnsul's Outlines  University of Oregon Law. Student Outlines, professor specific. First Year Course outlines, of note- Coastal Law, Admiralty and Public Land Outlines. Some outlines in WordPerfect Enhanced format 3.5 for Mac users and the rest are in html so anyone can get them. About 60 outlines in all.

Ohio Northern Law Outlines. Two outlines. Contracts but they don't require any 'unzipping' to view them.

Outline database at Stanford  I mention this site for the Stanford students since it says that if you aren't a Stanford student then you can't download these outlines.

Outline Exchange at the University of Buffalo School of Law  University of Buffalo School of Law, New York. Short list of outlines in WordPerfect 6.1 format and in html (so you can crank em out on the school printers)  Listed by Professor and year (1994-96). Outlines: Antitrust, Civil Pro, Criminal Law,Criminal Procedure, Evidence, First Amendment, Property, Torts.

Peter Cook's Outlines -Peter Cook attends Loyola Law School and has a nice collection of first year outlines available. He has a good sense of humor and lets you know right off that use of these outlines may result in a lower grade for you. Brand new- 2002.

Pro Se Outlines Library  University of Illinois School of Law Student Newspaper site.  The outlines are from 1993 to 1996. Professor names given. Outlines are in WordPerfect 5.1 and Word formats. The site mentions that only UISL student outlines are posted.  Outlines include: Admin Law, Antitrust Law, Business Orgs, Civil Litigation, Civil Pro, Complex Litigation, Con Law I, Con Law II, Criminal Law, Crim Pro, Evidence, Estates and Trusts, Family Law, International Tax, Land Use Planning, Market Regulation, Professional Responsibility, Property, Russian Law, Sales, Securities, Torts, White Collar Crime.

Quid Pro Quo Outlines   No school given. By Charles Kirk. Says he's the best outline source on the web. Has 8 outlines.   Contracts, Civil Pro, Con Law I, Property, Crim Law,  Torts, Employment Law, Professional Responsibility.

Chris Rauschl Outlines    Minnesota School of Law. Outlines from 1995 to 1997. Seventeen outlines in all. Civ Pro, Con Law I and II, Contracts, Crim Law, Legislation, Property, Torts, Corps, Employment Law, Evidence, PR, Tax, Wills and Trusts, Admin Law, Crim Pro, and Federal Jurisdiction. Professor linked. Zipped in Word 97  format.

Roger Martin's Free Study Materials University of San Diego School of Law. First year outlines from Mr. Martin. Fifteen outlines with briefs and a quiz for each one.

Santa Clara School of Law Outlines Santa Clara School of Law, California.  First year outlines, (Civil Pro, Contracts, Crim Law, Property, Torts) Second year outlines and upper level course outlines. (Antitrust, Business Orgs, Commercial Transactions, Community Property, Con Law, Criminal Procedures, Evidence, Legal Pro, Intellectual Property, Tax, Wills and Trusts)  Exams for  Antitrust, Business Law, Civil Procedure, Con Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Evidence, International Law, Intellectual Property, Legal Pro, Property, Remedies, Tax, Torts ) California bar exam info.   Multistate Bar Info, Missouri Bar info. 

Shane's Law Outlines   From Western New England College- School of Law. Outlines from fall of 96 to present. 17 -20 outlines. In Word 97, he says if you email him he'll gladly email you a copy in a format you can use. The usual suspects plus Securities Regulations, Injunctions, and  Workers Comp.

Shannon M. Bryant   Outlines: Con Law, Crim Pro, Intellectual Property, Conflicts of Laws, Securities Regs, Sales of Goods

Shelley's Page O' Outlines.  Absolutely nothing there as of August 15th, 1999. She is also threatening to put up a page O' briefs. Let's stay tuned to see if anything shows up.

Smith's Review -Another good commercial outline site, actually associated with Emanuel Law Outlines,   where you can download free sample chapters. My opinion of Emanual's and Smith's and all of the commercial outlines has been that if you already are spending a great deal of money to go to law school, why the heck balk at spending some more money for these outlines.

Stetson Law -- Student Outlines Stetson School of Law, Florida. Student outlines. The index gives the year of the outline, the professor, the author, and the format.  Outlines in Word files, PDF files and WordPerfect.  Outlines for: Advanced Civil Trial Skills, Business Associations-multiple outlines,  A Florida State Constitutional Law outline.  Civil Pro I-multiple outlines, Civil Pro II-multiple outlines, Computer Law, Conflicts of Law-multiple outlines, Con Law-multiple outlines, Contracts I-multiple outlines,  Contracts II-multiple outlines, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures I, Criminal Procedures II, Environmental Law, Evidence-multiple outlines, Federal Income Tax I-multiple outlines, Insurance Law, International Law, International Litigation and Arbitration, International Litigation, Intellectual Property, Medical Malpractice, Patents and Copyrights, Property I-multiple outlines,Property II-multiple outlines, Torts I, Torts II, Trusts and Estates.

Stephane Kramer Outlines Nova Southeastern University, Canada. Ten to fifteen personal outlines. Has become Stephane Dupont. And still in Canadian law.

Study World  If you happen upon this site you'll see a list of outlines ripped from other sites. Might as well start off at those other sites I would think.

THE DOCKET'S Outline Bank   At George Mason University-Admin Law, Con Law, Communications Law, Business Associations, Evidence. Zip File format.

The Legal Pad Outline Site   Nova Southeastern University,  Florida "Articles of Incorporation" info. Samples of Wills and Trusts forms. Antitrust, Nonprofit Organizations, Wills and Trusts, Labor Law, IP, Sales, Environmental Law, Torts, Family Law, Federal Jurisdiction, Tax, Property, Evidence, Employment Law, Contracts, Con Law I, II. Civil Pro, Corps., Crim Pro, Bankruptcy, Admin Law. Says he'll have Appellate Briefs and Pretrial Motions up soon.

The Internet Legal Resource Guide: Law Course Outlines Archive No school. Texas.  Of interest is an Internet Law outline, International Litigation, International Business Transactions and Texas Civil Procedure. Legal Forms from Wills, Power of Attorneys to Lease agreement forms can be found here as well. Files are in Rich Text Format.  

UCLA Outlines  First year course outlines.

UC Davis Notes 1995-98 A good personal collection of outlines. First year and second and third year classes. Antitrust, Complex litigation, health law, employment discrimination law and so on.

UINC Student Outlines Joel Koppenhoefer Law Outlines. Personal Outlines from First Year in 1995 to 1997.(Contracts, Torts, Civil Pro, Copyright , Crim Pro, Con Law I,  Wills and Trusts, Con Law III-First Amendment, and Advanced Criminal Procedure. The outline index on this page gives the Professor for each course as well.

Wil's Outlines  University of North Carolina. First year outlines in WordPerfect format. This is the site to sell your old textbooks or to buy used ones. A nice idea and I hope it works well.











From My Blog

A good friend lost
Now Playing: Caroline Néron - Dans Nos Yeux

As happens once in a while, a friend from a few years back contacts me to catch up, touch base, say hello. My website and my listing in the alumni page at the University of Dayton School of Law leave a trail there for anyone who might care to find me and speak with me. Careful planning makes it so, unfortunately and for a number of reasons I don't often try to find old friends and old classmates. A LexisNexis search, a run through Google or a look through the alumni directory would be sufficient for me to find anyone I would desire to find but I don't do it. There is always time. Time sometime later to make that small effort. So as a result I don't look up people. There is always time right? Yah. Well a friend of mine, Marc did take the time to look me up and it was good to hear from him. In our emails back and forth he mentions a fellow classmate, Andy Johnson or as was the running joke for us "Andy's Johnson."

Andy was a tall, gangly fellow with the disposition of a puppy. We'd constantly make our "Andy's Johnson," clever remarks and he'd smile and never took offense and we never meant any. He was a fellow who seemed not to have a hostile bone in his body and it seemed to me that it would never occur to him to say a bad word about anyone. When he would talk it seemed like he was always laughing even when he wasn't. A smile on his face and he'd always be genuinely glad to see you. When he would tell a joke it was like he was a little kid saying something he knew that grownups would disapprove of so his jokes or something funny were told only after he looked around to make sure that someone who might take offense would be out of earshot.

At the end of a long hard week in class he'd come down to the local watering hole that some of us had taken as our own. BW3's on Friday after class was where we would grab some hot wings, some happy hour beer and we'd pull some tables together, enough to accommodate however many of us would show up. Andy would laugh with us and we'd talk about what funny things happened in class. Sometimes he'd get a bit excited, a beer or two down the evening and when he wanted to say something and his words were tripping around on his tongue his eyes would sparkle and the smile on his face would broaden as if to acknowledge that he thought he was being a bit foolish or silly. But we would slap him on his back, laugh at his jokes and generally do the things that friends would do with each other as we recognize everyone who would want to be in the conversation and who would likewise have a patience and joy with us.
I can't begin to tell you how wonderful a person Andy was or how everyone instantly liked him. It's like you can instantly sense who is a good hearted person and who you would like to think of you as a good hearted and good person. I know I thought very well of him and he was the kind of person you hoped thought well of you. He was also the kind of person whose friendship you didn't have to buy. This speaks to a character flaw of mine, I took it for granted that he would be there with a smile and a happy hug for me whenever I did get around to seeing him or contacting him. I know he was the kind of man who would be there for me if I was the kind of person who asked anyone for help or support. A good man with a good soul and a huge heart. My friend Marc told me that he had finally gotten a nice job in Ohio and was on his way to work one morning when he got in a car accident. Andy died that morning. Marc tells me that he thinks about Andy often. I haven't stopped thinking about Andy since hearing about this untimely end to this good young man.

There is no question in my mind that life is not fair. Evil people live and prosper, good people who struggle and fight to get ahead in life die in car accidents. Life is short and brutish and it's a sack full of misery, pain, horror and suffering. A person like Andy makes you almost believe that isn't true, his warm smile and good heart carved a bit of hope and kindness into the world and he will be missed.

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