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Friday, 20 May 2005
Videos on MTV????
Now Playing: Eurovision 2004 Kiev
Topic: Music
Watching a video for NIN, The Hand That Feeds on MTV of all places. I didn't know that they ever had any videos on that channel. I'm pretty sure that the programing there consists of variations on the 'throw hot and sexy kids together and see who screws and see who fights' reality crap shows along with videos of black singers dressed as pimps or gangsters while scantily clad women do variations of pole and lap dances. Yup, about ten minutes of commercials followed the video by the Killers and the video by NIN. But hey, it's MTV so the commercials were only for 'cool' things like ring tones and anti smoking commercials. A veritable crapfest.

Anyways, the NIN video was good, minimal, blue scan lined and edgy in that artfully done raw look that takes a bit of work to arrive at. The important thing, the song, was good. A good NIN song that is a good sign for Reznor and gang. The Fragile, his last double album was a bit uneven and some of the works were admittedly unlistenable. This album is better.

The stuff I'm listening to is the European Idol stuff. Except it came first and is less of a freak show as I understand it. Eurovision Song ContestTatu came from this contest and I love Tatu. Basically it's artists from each country competing. A lot of it sounds like Abba clones. I'm thinking of Angelica Agurbash who I'm listening to now. I don't mean that in a bad way. It's a European style of music that is distinctive enough to notice. Marian van de Wal sounds melodious of voice as well. All in all the music is upbeat and fun to listen to. I give it a three out of five based on my incomplete listening of the work so far. And really, that's far more attention than most folks give when reviewing a CD.

Oh wow, MTV has actually put a Green Day video on now. And now the Gwen Stefani video, complete with lap dancing skank whore cheerleaders as well as the regular kind. That makes four videos in a half hour. It must be a new record for that Network.

Posted by gilbert davis at 9:03 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 20 May 2005 9:35 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 19 October 2004
William Shatner's Album- Has Been
Now Playing: William Shatner's Album- Has Been
Topic: Music
Listening to the William Shatner Album. It's freaking great. I mean really. Songs like 80's and 90's alternative music, garage rock with lyrics you can understand. Not a bad song in the bunch. The song 'Common People' reminds me of a alt song where the fellow sings about the women in his life- sings/talks like this song. (I'll be driven nuts until I can remember that song and get a copy of it) And like that badly described song, this one resounds with words of truth. 'That's Me Trying' is a father talking to an estranged daughter, trying to connect but not being apologetic for his life. His reply to the sometimes vicious humor at his expense is 'Has Been' - where he says to his critics that at least he's had a life where critics are basically those without a life of their own who get their joy from belittling others. True words. 'I Can't Get Behind That'- a shouting beat poet type of rant against the crap of life. It's all great. The small heartbreaking song 'What Have You Done' which I think is about him finding a drowned member of his family is too hard to listen to again. But it's real. And the song 'Real' is an answer to his Star Trek fame where he says thank you for the love and while a part of him is Captain Kirk, he's a real person and can't save the world as his character has. A warm song, a great album.

Posted by gilbert davis at 10:21 AM EDT
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