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Pentatonic Scale Diagram

Pentatonic Scale

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Greenwing Macaw Hiro

Greenwing Macaw

Here is a picture of Hiro the Greenwing Macaw and me. Every once in a while someone will email me with questions about Greenwing Macaws, what to feed them, how to treat them and train them and I'm happy to share whatever knowledge I have in that regard. Beautiful and intelligent animals that require a good deal of care so don't take on the responsibility lightly.

Brief Modern History of Death Penalty

1976 · Gregg v. George and Jurek v. Texas
The US Supreme Court rules in 1976 through two cases, Gregg v. George and Jurek v. Texas that a death sentence is not a per se violation of the 8th Amendment.

1977 · Gary Gilmore - First Execution
In 1977 Gary Gilmore became the first person executed after the reinstatement of the Death Penalty. He was shot by a firing squad in the state of Utah.

1979 · John Spenkelink - Second Execution
In 1979 John Spenkelink becomes the second person executed in 12 years. He is executed by the state of Florida and is electrocuted.

1982 · Charles Brooks - First Lethal Injection
The state of Texas executes Charles Brooks by lethal injection.

1984 · Velma Barfield - First Woman Executed
The state of North Carolina executes Velma Barfield making her the first woman executed since the reinstatement of the death penalty.

1989 · Penny v. Lynaugh - Executing the Mentally Retarded
The Supreme Court rules that the Eighth Amendment is not violated by executing retarded people.

1989 ·
Westley Dodd - First Hanging
The state of Washington executes Westley Dodd by hangning. First execution by hanging since the reinstatement of the death penalty.

1989 · Frank Lee Smith - Cleared by DNA
The state of Florida clears Frank Lee Smith posthumously after he spends 14 years on death row. He dies of Cancer in prison.

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Death Penalty information. Statistics, inmates, victims. The Death Penalty debate.