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Thursday, 18 October 2007
Benazir Bhutto almost blown up
Topic: Politics


In the biggest non surprise I've seen in a while there was an attempted assassination of Benazir Bhutto today. I predicted that as soon as she got off the plane she would be a target and I still fully expect her to be assassinated in short order.  To me it's inconceivable that she could think she could go back to Pakistan and not be a target. Too many people in that country have a vested interest in her not being there and too many people have a vested interest in seeing her dead. They don't play nice in Pakistan and furthermore that whole place is a powderkeg waiting to blow up.

Other interesting news was the Dahli Lama receiving the Congressional Gold Medal and the expected tantrum thrown by the Chinese. Every honor that the Dahli Lama receives is well deserved and he is the highest moral authority figure alive on the planet pure and simple. And this is perhaps the best thing that President Bush has ever done, taking a stand for freedom and standing with the people of Tibet against the half century of oppression brought by the Han Chinese.  What Americans fail to understand about the Chinese is that they do not recognise any other moral authority but their own. Over two thousand years of history gives them a belief in their own cultural and moral superiority that is a form of racism. Therefore they do not see anything wrong whatsoever in holding down and oppressing other people in what they consider to be their own territory. Much as Hitler decided that the Sudetenland was and always was a part of Germany, the Chinese think that everything is a part of China and that by right everyone still needs to pay tribute to them. I've said for as long as l can remember that the Chinese are the enemy of the United States, an adversary at the very least and our delusions that we can be friends with them are just that, delusions. So you'll see the Chinese throw a tantrum and bluster and scream and all of that and you'll see some Congress creatures want to kowtow to them. But for one moment, there was standing up for what is right and naming what is wrong.

Posted by gilbert davis at 4:14 PM EDT
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Friday, 7 September 2007
Now Comes the Hot War
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Topic: Politics

Senator Craig of Idaho has confounded his colleagues and the Republican Party by deciding that he was too quickly shoved out of the door and thrown under the bus. Upon reflection and realizing how his 'good friends' neither came to his defense or offered a single word of support the Senator rightly felt a bit put out and while the Republican Party was congratulating itself on how quickly and easily they bum rushed their fellow out of the Congress he said not so fast. On second thought, Senator Craig thought “I've been bum rushed a lot lately and will hire a good lawyer and try to get that previous guilty plea thrown out and might not resign from the Senate after all”. Basically a screw you guys attitude on his part and an attempt to not go quietly into the night. Well you know, as I've previously mused upon, the chances of forgiveness for him by the usual crowd he runs with are slim to none and slinking away only serves everyone else, not him. So it's time to try to fight. As Craig is a Conservative Republican you can only nod and say that his Karma has caught up with him and the intolerant folks he identifies with only reflect the same amount of mercy he would have given anyone other than himself. Still and all, I shed no tears for the Republican folks who coldly turned their backs on him. There is plenty enough Karma to go around it seems.

The upcoming World War has taken a few more steps closer to a more active conflict. Israeli jets flying over Syria and being shot at. Iran offering assistance and help to Syria against Israel. They always talk about how there is 'increased chatter' with regards to the faceless and unknown sleeper terrorist cells when they (Bush administration) wants to gin up the fear of the American people. The principle is a valid one, more talk the same way the two groups of monkeys in the movie 2001 'talked' and screamed and fake charged at each other before the actual conflict began. We are the same, as nations, we talk and bluster and pose and threaten before we fight. The war chatter is escalating, reports of the US planning a three day bombing of Iran, Iran changing the leadership of the Republican Guard in preparation for war, Iranian rejection of nuclear inspections and bragging about how many centrifuges they have a jittery fluctuation stock market – oh and perhaps knowing that there are four carrier groups in the area. Tons of other bits of evidence stacking up and future historians will look and wonder how come nobody saw the signs. Personally I thought this particular stage of the war would have already happened. I thought that the signs pointed to this part of the war happening six months ago. I would say that the major hold up has been the Bush administration having lost the Congress in the last election, the pressure on the failures in Iraq needing to be addressed and the non victory of Israel over Hamas and the Gaza mess. In all instances the conclusions by Israel and the US are that their problems will not get better as long as Iran is left with their present capabilities and or present government. And if everybody is convinced that war is coming then everybody will try to position themselves in the best way to win that conflict. Syria may well believe that it's best bet is to strike first and will of course see any attempt by Israel to calm the waters now as clear evidence that Israel wants to attack at it's own time and perversely decide it needs to attack first. And all Syria has to do is to send a column of tanks toward Golan and for Israel to say it must be go time and we need to hit those tanks before they come over the border and kaboom – it's on. And if Iran sends so much as a box of Kleenex to Syria, the United States will see it's opening and say 'boom, it's go time' and the bombing campaign will start. Iran starts to blow up tankers in the Straights of Hormuz and the ensuing price panic could entice Russia to decide it's a good time to take care of that pesky Georgia and their tanks can start rolling. China might see that and say that it seems like the best chance to deal with Taiwan. And we aren't even talking about what could happen if a giant sized terrorist attack actually hits in the US. Not likely now that all these dinky ones in Germany and Denmark are being rooted out and if those are evidence of the best they Islamofascists can come up with then we're in good shape in that department, even if Osama bin Boogeyman actually is alive and shows up in a 'video' for the September 11th Anniversary.

Posted by gilbert davis at 1:46 AM EDT
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Thursday, 14 June 2007
Padmasambhava statue demolished in Tibet
Topic: Politics

A report from the Buddhist Channel states The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) received confirmed information from reliable sources that, in mid May 2007 Chinese People's Armed Police (PAP) demolished a colossal statue of Guru Padmasambava popularly known as Guru Rinpoche of the Samye Monastery and that rubble from the statue's destruction is being transported to unknown location according to reports emanating from the area.

Typical thuggish behavior by a nation state born of thuggish brutism. No concept of human rights or freedom of religion for an invaded people who at some point in the distant past were part of some previous thuggish Chinese dynastic empire and so in the eyes of the Chinese government becomes forever a part of the rightful Chinese Empire. This gives them, in their eyes the right to kill and destroy the native culture of Tibet and to try to take over the Tibetian Buddhist religion by picking their own puppet religious leaders. The Chinese Olympics should be boycotted and China treated as the moral pariah they are. And of course, successive US administrations from Nixon on forward have failed to appreciate the mortal danger that the Chinese ambitions are to the West as a whole. The Clinton administration let them get ballistic missile technology that they didn't have and allows their spies access to anywhere in the country so that by dint of espionage they are able to level themselves up to the technology advantage that the West has enjoyed. Totally criminal and completely swept under the rug.

But I would remind the Chinese that the last government that did destroy Buddist statues once resided in Afghanistan. The Taliban, or the remnants of the Taliban are hiding in caves and no longer enjoying a leadership position. Karma does eventually catch up to you.  

Posted by gilbert davis at 11:24 PM EDT
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Monday, 11 June 2007
Into the tunnel
Topic: Politics

Well, just thought I'd put a graphic here, the next President of the United States unless something big and unusual happens. I'm actually okay with it, the possibility of someone who might be competent is a good thing regardless of Party affiliation. If she stumbles  then Gore is poised to jump in and take the nomination by acclimation. Obama, or as I've heard, "Obama the Magic Negro" - loses his luster as he speaks and I don't see his turn as the Savior of the Country to last long. Edwards is a place holder who wishes he never heard of Obama and should be gone before the primaries churn through. The rest, ah, you won't remember them after next February if not before. No, I think this nomination was won a long time ago as Hillary has turned the political wheels for some time and been running for some time. It's all over but the crying. 

On the Republican side I was interested to see that Hagel is already running into trouble back home. Attorney General Jon Bruning ran a poll that shows he is ahead of Hagel amoung likely Republican voters in the state. As I mentioned earlier he is heading into the kind of backlash that DeWine of Ohio ran into and was sent packing because of.  Maverick Republicans cannot exist very well in Republican minded states. The media driven talk of him running for President is like the media talk of Gore running on the Democratic side except that Gore has a real chance of pulling it off and Hagel doesn't. It looks like he'll be looking for that lobbyist job in 08. EssayPoll

Writing a bit more, I've run myself into some carpal tunnel in the wrists and so I'm spending little time practicing with the guitar. More time with those wrist things on.  Time to replace the frozen t-bone steak with a fresh one. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 1:29 AM EDT
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Friday, 8 June 2007
Amnesty Bill Cloture Traitors
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Topic: Politics


I'm looking at the Rhino's in the bunch - Hagel (Republican) from Nebraska leads the pack of fake Republicans, followed closely by Voinovich (Republican) of Ohio and of course McCain, who embraced this piece of backroom betrayal of the American people. Voinovich didn't take note of the fate of the last Ohio Republican DeWine who crossed the line to stand with the Democrats to cut the legs out from under the President on a war issue - his reelection came up and he was shown the door. Voinovich as a past state Governor perhaps feels himself a bit more immune or perhaps he's already made his plans for a fat corner office at some lobbying firm after this term. Hagel of course is still sitting in the back and making his decisions based on positioning himself for some delusion based Bloomberg/Hagel Independent ticket or perhaps equally implausible - a Hillary Clinton/Hagel 'Unity' ticket. I can't think of any possible place for him on a actual Republican ticket but there's no telling how far his own delusions stretch.

I'm looking at Spector from Pennsylvania, another Republican in name only who more often than not votes with Democrats, he's already seeing the future without a Republican President or Congress and is doing his best to blend in with the Democrats. The two Florida Senators, the Republican Martinez has taken his cloak off and there's a big fat L for liberal on his chest. The Conservative voters of Florida have long memories and this vote will definitely star in many a attack commercials when he tries to run for reelection.  Lugar and Graham are also standing with the Democrats on this. 

Of course, since it didn't go well for the Bill the Democrats are calling it Bush's bill and you can see how important it was to him since he had it brought up when he was at the G-8 meeting trying to start up another Cold War. As he stumbles through the meetings with the other major leaders of the world further shaming our Country, his bill dies for a few months and then the snakes will take a look at the lay of the land and try to ressurrect this thing once again, hoping to sneak it under the radar as they have done with countless other bills. Of course, the closer it gets to an actual election the less likelihood the Amnesty Bill has of passing since at that time the "Representatives" will be that much closer to accountability from their voters.  It's a sad thing when the only thing stopping our Representatives from selling the Country down the river is  a nearby election. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 1:13 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 10 June 2007 2:05 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 6 June 2007
Debate Impressions
Topic: Politics

Well the first question in the Republican debate from New Hampshire went to the ghost of Ronald Reagan's hair worn like a holy relic by Mitt Romney. He spouted on incomprehensibly for a long time while not answering the question. A good start. After another answer like that I stopped trying to listen to anything that flip flopping douchebag had to say. You know, some folks are good, some folks are bad and some folks are like Romney- a finger in the wind, mind changing douche politician. I hate that kind. He has a lot of Mormon money funding him right now and is already running the Ronald Reagan type 'Morning in America' ads where he's trying to evoke the winning formula of Reagan. Lot of money, money talks and we'll see how it goes with him.

Other big loser in this debate was the original loser, John McCain. He's been in the

Amnesty for illegal immigrants camp and best buddies with Ted Kennedy for a while now and his position in the Republican race for the nomination has continued to slip as a result. He had a touching moment with a young lady who asked a question about Iraq and whose brother had died there. Pundits make a big thing of it because it's good tv and McCain is their best liberal in the Republican Party on Amnesty buddy. And of course, he knows better than you do about the immigration problems so you must listen to him. Another dictator in waiting like Bush.

Well, Rudy did well, first one to stand up and walk out to walk to the audience to answer the questions, which created a stampede of 'me to' candidates standing up after him. Point is, he led, they followed. His answers were direct, they hit him as they always do with the abortion questions which he didn't duck. The abortion questions are not as important in these days as are the security questions and Rudy is still the candidate with the most experience and the best likelihood of being competent in that regard. I dub thee winner of the debate. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 12:09 PM EDT
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Friday, 1 June 2007
Immigration is Good, Illegal Immigration is Bad
Topic: Politics
Wrote my Congressmen and Senators about my feelings on the new immigration bill and have had zero replies from any of the three. Not surprising since I don't like it and they support it.  They appear to be following the lead of Bush with their 'you're an evil bigot if you don't support this bill' attitude. I agree with Peggy Noonan's article on the Bush reaction to the universal dislike for this bill.  Bush is slapping the crap out of his so called base. Republicans and conservatives (not the same thing) find this Immigration Amnesty to be nothing short of a betrayal of the American people. I would agree on that but then Bush and most of the Congressmen and Senators are not there for you or for me but for their real masters, business both industrial and agricultural. By undercutting wages to American workers it allows industry and agriculture to bring wages down across the board. It's equivalent to picking up the business and moving it to Mexico except that they don't have to move the industry, don't have to pay medical, social security and other taxes and those needs the illegals have are picked up by the government - you and me. Sweet deal, no wonder they work so hard owning our representatives to make the world to their liking. You and I are just roadkill to them and if we get too uppity and complain they have their left leaning friends call us racists and xenophobes and the like. See, you can't object to illegal immigration unless you really want to be labeled as a racist bastard. Since I've been called worse I think I can freely speak my mind. And of course, uselessly write my Congressmen. That's okay, I'll be there working against them at their reelection time even if they have a good number of years until it happens. I never forget or forgive and I always remember.

Posted by gilbert davis at 5:47 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 1 June 2007 5:53 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 10 April 2007
Diamond Al Sharpton - Political Opportunist
Topic: Politics

Yes, the good Reverend Al Sharpton, the poster child for two faced political opportunists all over the United States has become the chief spokesman for the 'lynch Don Imus' gang. Shockingly, a man who does a three hour live broadcast over the radio and over MSNBC has misspoken and said a bad bad thing. He said 'nappy headed ho's' oh my goodness, hide the children. Let's see, Nappy isn't the bad word cause you know there's a movie in the works with the title 'Nappily Ever After' starring the beautiful Hally Berry. It can't be the word 'ho' cause you know, head over to BET and hear that word all day long. Hear acclaimed rappers rap their way around the word 'ho' 'bitches' and even more derogatory words. Head over to Comedy Central and hear that word and worse all the time in reruns of The Dave Chappell Show and The Carlos Mensena show and on anything shown after ten o'clock. None of that matters here, sure Don Imus is a going on 30 years shock jock whose stock in trade is saying things on the edge and over the edge. That's what the term means. 

But Sharpton is his own kind of hypocrite with his older, make believe, distinguished face acting like the sage old veteran of countless good causes. Well you know, I don't begrudge Sharpton his rehabilitation. I happen to think that rehabilitation is a good thing even if society rarely allows it to any but the most brazen like Sharpton.  Sharpton of the Tawana Brawley infamy. Yes indeed, yet another circumstance where political opportunism reared it's lovely head and Sharpton ran over to attach himself to it. The girl, supposedly raped and left naked in a bag of feces accused law enforcement officers with rape. Now, the case fell over like a house of made up hoax cards but that didn't stop Sharpton from raging on and leveling baseless and ultimately slanderous allegations against various people involved. Sharpton was taken to court and lost a 395 million dollar lawsuit by those he slandered. He had accused the prosecutor and other officials of having raped this girl. He lost in court and has never taken responsibility for it.

But you know, it's supposedly racist remarks that Sharpton is on about. Sharpton himself, that paragon of virtue. The completely racist Sharpton, inflamed and contributed to the riots in Crown Heights after an accident where a young black boy was killed by a Hasidic jewish driver. The driver didn't leave the scene and a private ambulance from a  Hasidic hospital was first on scene.  The police on the scene, an ugly scene there, a dangerous scene there, and had the Hasidic ambulance take the Hasidic jew to the Hasidic hospital. The other ambulance came later and the child died. Well, the good peace loving Reverend, never missing an opportunity to lead the mob, used anti jewish code words to help inflame the black population he wants to be the leader of. Saying the 'Diamond Merchants' were shedding the blood of the innocents. Well you know, I don't think the family of the  rabbinical student from Australia by the name of Yankel Rosenbaum ever got an apology from Sharpton. He was killed in the riots that Sharpton helped foment. 

Yes indeed. It's entirely correct and proper that in the bizarro world we live in that Al Sharpton gets to lead the lynching against Don Imus and continually calling for his head for the unforgivable sin of saying some politically incorrect words. What a bunch of crap.   

Posted by gilbert davis at 12:08 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 3 April 2007
Money money, who got the money
Topic: Politics

In the old days, the long gone halcyon days of our youth, the big money Republicans and Democrats would have already chosen our candidates for us. Voting with their money they would have anointed their favorites and created the buzz for the acceptable candidates through the media and into our hearts. It would almost seem to be our own choices. Of course every single time the final candidates have been chosen for us we end up asking ourselves how in the heck did we drum up such a horrible slate of potential Presidents. Ah, the old days. But wait. Everything old is new again. The media has given us a glimpse at the real race, the race for money. Keeping with football analogies the first quarter numbers are out and President Hillary Clinton has raised the most money. Sure, a bit ahead of the actual swearing in but you know let's be realistic. The invisible tentacles of the creature known as the Democratic Party are stretched out and really, it's all over but the shouting. Having been given enough time to organize the Democrats have turned their machine on and it's grinding away to the inevitable end. President Hillary is like Secretariat, just cruising along.

Sure, the Messiah, as lampooned by some wit who dressed Obama up as Jesus, is holding his own in second place and ready to take the lead if Hillary stumbles between now and the nomination. Right now he is the media's Cinderella choice for the Democratic nomination. He's the Messiah, a perfect being that all the hopes and dreams of the fantasy crowd are being projected upon. And as long as he doesn't get too nasty against Hillary he will be the Vice Presidential nominee and eventually the President himself in the coming Democratic Era. Obama is suspiciously unwilling to put his cards on the table and release his fund raising totals yet. Notice that the media doesn't even whisper that anything is amiss with this or that it shows weakness or lack of organization as they would harp on if it wasn't their own darling. Obama right now would pick Wesley Clark as his running mate. He can't go for Joe Biden or Chris Dodd cause they are both Senators like himself. It would be a look for a Governor, white, from the South or the West.

Last time one of the Media darlings was John Edwards. He's still running and in third place by all accounts. He has been running for the nomination since the last election and his 14 million dollars is respectable but not where he had hoped to be at this time. The emergence of Obama has really been a horror show for Edwards and Hillary, the unexpected new face that sucks the magic away from the other two because lacking any history he also lacks the detractors and haters that are like barnacles on the hulls of the SS Hillary and the SS Edwards. He can hope the other two beat the crap out of each other and allow him to slip in between them. No VP slot for him, it's the big dance or bust.

And Bill Richardson knows he's running for a Vice Presidential slot, look for him to hope to get a fourth place or two, declare victory and then sticking to Hillary like a lamprey by endorsing her. If Obama gets the nod Richardson has no chance at all of the slot, Obama would look to a white male as a VP running mate.

The media of course hates Republicans. The way they acknowledge and cover the Republican candidates is ambivalent at best. The Romney money, the Republican institutional money has not surprisingly gone to Romney. Nothing to be astonished over. Business sees him as their best chance of having a friend in power, someone who has no ideological problems with swaying in the wind and doing what's best for business. He's against abortion, he's for abortion. He's more liberal than Ted Kennedy, he's Ronald Reagan. And of course, he's Mormon. A definite snake that wins the money title but votes, ha, let's see him get some primary votes. But as I think about it, he's the Vice Presidential nominee. He'll bring the institutional money and as we know, the Trilateral Commission secret government type folks look longer term the same way they looked to putting Bush the Elder in with Reagan.

McCain, the last darling of the media when they hoped he could bump off Bush the Idiot (Jeb has to be Bush the Younger) can't bump off Bush now so he's McCain the war candidate and McCain the 70 year old tired looking dude. He was the institutional Republican candidate but the Republican Party is broken now. We can thank the Bush Presidents for this state of affairs as together they have destroyed the Republican Party as a viable force at least in the short term. I can't see McCain lasting very long but the candidates now are very weak and it'll just take Rudy Giuliani blowing up to be the front runner again.

Rudy Giuliani right now is the Republican front runner on the basis of people remembering how he preformed as a leader and Mayor of New York through the 9-11 crisis. Imagine that, picking a candidate based on his performance, outrageous. As far as primary Republican voters and their beliefs, he's ten kinds of wrong. Wrong on abortion, wrong on social issues, three times married. Voters vote based on present needs and a strong executive is what is needed now and Rudy has a chance of getting through the process as the nominee based on that. Will the issue voters cut their own noses off and vote for some Brownback, Tancretto or Gingrich? Ah, who knows. That's why it's worth watching to see.

To show how weak and flawed the Republican field is, in third place is Fred Thompson who isn't even running. If Rudy stumbles, look for Thompson to pop into the field and take the nomination. It's Rudy's to lose but he's got a bigger mine field to cross. His support is wide but no deep and so while a lot can happen I think it's going to be Fred Thompson running with Romney. Speculation. How fun is that. But it's still a giant house of cards and one slip by one candidate and the whole thing changes all over again. How great is that.

Posted by gilbert davis at 1:38 PM EDT
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Thursday, 29 March 2007
Kidnapping as a Foreign Policy Move
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Topic: Politics

Well, it continues. The Iranians, well practiced in the art of kidnapping and other cowardly activities have taken to their role as the criminals or wife abuser who blames the victim for the whole mess. See, it's the British who are to blame for the Iranians deciding not to let the female go since you know, them damn Brits are going to the United Nations with this matter. It's the fault of the Brits if the Iranians put these people on trial. It's the fault of the Brits for everything, the Iranian thugs aren't responsible for their own behavior and their own actions in kidnapping these soldiers at all. It's the victims fault, if only they wouldn't have let me I wouldn't have hurt them. Yup, it's your basic small time thug mentality we're dealing with. 

The Brits, it's on them for not fighting in the first place. Thugs don't understand being calm and non confrontational.  They see that, the same way that wild animals see it, as weakness. NO points are gained by not hitting them on the nose or right between the eyes. Give them another day or two, go up to the UN and prepare to escalate. It's a problem that isn't going away anytime soon. The longer we allow them to swagger around the harder it will be to eliminate the problem they pose.  Hell Ahmadinejad is probably hiding in a safe house already and wishing he had control over the military clothed thugs who took the Brits in the first place. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 1:27 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 29 March 2007 1:44 PM EDT
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Saturday, 24 March 2007
Iran's Dare
Topic: Politics

I'm watching Iran puffing itself up as it continues to try to bluff it's way to it's goal of becoming armed with nuclear weapons. Many things going on at once and it's hard sometimes to really gauge what the reasoning is behind what they are doing. It's a deadly game of chess and of poker with a number of players who are all capable of starting a war. Israel is sitting there watching Iran march toward arming itself with nuclear weapons and they can't allow that. Or is that what they are saying to force the United States to take action. How long can Israel afford to wait, hoping that the UN and or the United States will take action to keep it from happening. What will be the final trigger that causes Israel to pull the trigger? Will the capture of 15 British soldiers convince them that Iran will not turn back? You can look at it in a number of ways, that Iran is trying to draw attention away from the proceedings at the UN which are turning the screws on them. That the capture of the British soldiers was done not by the government but by the Revolutionary Guard types who are moving on their own to signal their own government that they will allow no backing down and a power struggle is seriously under way right now. Clearly Iran has a history of taking hostages as a way to show the weakness of their enemies and of consolidating internal power. They have gambled before that countries such as Great Britain or the United States are unwilling to militarily attack them and risk a wider war. That only works as long as those greater powers believe that the war is ultimately against their interests. 

The United States and Great Britain have shown an ability to do a great deal of damage to a country before even putting boots on the ground. If they determine that there is no need or desire to put boots on the ground in order to decapitate the Iranian threat then any protection the Iranians think they have is gone. There are four aircraft carriers in the area at this moment, more than enough to destroy every thing they would want to destroy in short order.  And  George Bush certainly has shown a desire to pick a fight. Perhaps as I think about it, the capture of the British soldiers is calculated to determine the willingness of the UN and the United States to use that military force. They are probably closely watching any actions the four carriers will make. If they determine that there is no chance that they can provoke a military response then they will feel that they can continue to seek to fashion their nukes. Which will cause Israel to make plans to attack themselves and the Iranians will think that they can absorb any attack by Israel and come out stronger. Many players, many possible actions and many possible outcomes. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 3:32 AM EDT
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Saturday, 11 November 2006
McCain starting his run for President
Topic: Politics

Now that President Bush has begun his long walk into the night and into the unending ridicule that he has undoubtedly earned and  history will judge him as guilty of, the crown is up in the air and a couple of contenders have already stepped forth with their first salvo's. Senator McCain is the 900 pound gorilla in the room and is the front runner and by merely forming a presidential exploratory committee he has hit the front page of the network news. Network news and cable news cannot report or examine these issues beyond the soundbite level but they do know that when the 900 pound gorilla moves then people notice.

The other person who made a bit of news in the Republican nomination hunt is Newt Gingrich. Newt threw his first gauntlet down by attacking the President for announcing the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld after the election. He said, and I agree, that by waiting until after the election he effectively made sure that the Republican majority would be lost. This analysis is based on the judgment that the democratic victory was made by a segment of the Republican voter group changing their votes to Democrats because of the administration's tone deaf response to everyone screaming that the policy in Iraq is unacceptable. Iraq, the Iraq War, is the issue that drove people to reject the Republican Party. All other issues that Republicans and conservatives care about took a secondary role to the Iraq War and the high handed, arrogant and unconstitutional actions of the Bush administration. If you listen to Republican talking heads this last day you will hear a denial of this and instead the delusional talkings points about corruption. Liberal commentators also have their reasons for denying this fact because of course they want to promote the idea of a liberal mandate where one does not exist. The mandate, if one exists is to get the United States out of Iraq. Both sides are perfectly willing to assume that voters could not intellectually divorce one issue from another or decide that one issue was important enough to otherwise vote against their various issues that they care about. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 12:14 AM EST
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Wednesday, 8 November 2006
Cheney rumors
Topic: Politics

Alright, I just heard a fellow on MSNBC mouth my theory for the future of Cheney. It made poor ol Pat Buchannan sputter in disbelief. Well, it is far fetched but not out of the realm of possibility. Pat said and it's true enough that the Vice President can't be fired by the President since it's a Constitutional position. Well, you know, there is the possibility that he can be persuaded to move on, in a mix of what's in his own interest and what's in the interest of the Republican Party. He might be reminded that the position of Vice President is not sacred and (I'm looking at you Spiro Agnew) is vulnerable to attack and conviction. 

It is interesting to think that the younger Bush has messed up and looking to the older Bush to save his arse. Specifically the old guard people like the new potential Secretary of Defense  Robert Gates. A big time, long time, government person who has ominiously enough been  with the CIA for 26 years.  What does this mean for policy though? What does this mean for the pressing and stressing of the military in general? Rummy was busy cutting the military while increasing it's workload and nevermind that he was stretching the military to the breaking point. It's two issues, the strategy and policy toward Iraq and the simultaneous drawdown of the military.  I can hear McCain right now calling for a change in the Iraq policy and an increase in the numbers of the military. Exactly what I was just saying the problems are. Now the issue, and McCain is putting some of his cards down on the table, now the issue is enjoined. McCain is positioning himself and should be listened to. I'm liking what I'm hearing from McCain. He's saying we also need to get that bastard al Sadr- the fat little bearded cleric who is busy killing americans. McCain is strengthened in all of this, his word has great meaning and he's signaling the President what he needs to do to keep his support. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 3:12 PM EST
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And now the clock is ticking on Dick Cheney - tick tock
Topic: Politics
If you'll recall the full vote of confidence went out to Rummy and to Cheney. I'm looking for Cheney to also resign before too long. A number of reasons for this thought. First of all, Dick Cheney isn't going to be running for President and it does him no good to be there as a punching bag for the Dems to whack at. He might escape the coming investigations into his behind closed doors energy policy discussions and other things if he's gone to Wyoming. Possible but unlikely. It would also be one less lightning rod in the White House. Also, and less likely, is the idea of giving a chosen one a head start in the run for the White House. Whoever might be brought up as Vice President would have a chance to start running for President almost immediately. Humm, almost too complicated. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 1:10 PM EST
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Boom Goes the Dynamite - Rummy Gone
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Wow, I had just written that I think Rummy is gone and see how fast he really is gone. The little bees over at FOX News are buzzing away. Surprised. I don't know why. President, on advice from his people has thrown the red meat out for the folks. The speed of it means that the Pres is going on the offense. He's not waiting for Pelosi to come and dictate to him, which of course, makes it all the cooler to watch. 

Posted by gilbert davis at 12:57 PM EST
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